A hidden gem

身边一位摄影师朋友,他叫橘子,日常爱好和朋友分享与畅谈,热情的他想要拥有一家属于自己的酒吧,不需要很大但能成为好友组局的老地方。 局:人、地点、聚会 橘:朋友对他的称呼 在设计上,我们将把“橘与局”相结合,橘中有局、局中有橘。 在色调上,以橘、蓝、黑为主,墙面绘有“拳击手”画像,配以文字“Flight Against Yourself”,与酒吧整体调性相呼应,在橘の局找到属于自己的局。

A photographer friend , his name is Orange and daily hobby is to sharing and chatting with friends. He is enthusiastic and wants to have his own bar which doesn’t need a large place but can become the place for good friends to organize a “Ju”(In Chinese, it means party.) Ju contains person/place/party. Orange is a friend's address to him. In design, we want to make a collection of "Orange and Ju”. In Chinese pronunciation, the two are the same pronunciation. Orange in Ju and Ju in Orange. In the tone, mainly orange、blue and black, painted on the wall with boxer portrait, accompanied by text “Flight Against Yourself”, echo the overall tone of the bar.